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Nissan IDS Concept Shows Future of Driving in New York

Nissan IDS Concept es un vehículo que engloba la visión de la compañía sobre el futuro de la conducción autónoma y los vehículos cero emisiones.

Imagine a future where all cars create zero emissions and are smart enough to drive in harmony with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. At this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan showed a concept car that embodies the company’s vision of the future for autonomous driving and zero emission electric vehicles.

The IDS Concept shows how Nissan is leading the way in advanced automotive technology that will soon integrate the latest safety tech with artificial intelligence. Nissan expects to equip their innovative autonomous driving technology in a number of production vehicles by the year 2020. The goal is to provide a safer and cleaner driving experience for everyone.

Nissan’s two aspirational targets of zero traffic fatalities and zero emissions are both vital in creating a sustainable automotive future, especially in big cities. With over 90 percent of traffic accidents caused by human error, cars like the Nissan IDS Concept have been designed to provide enhanced safety performance compared to a human driver.

Building trust and acceptance of autonomous vehicle technology is a challenge. Nissan has a solution that includes a number of features to help other drivers, pedestrians and cyclists know the vehicle’s intentions. The car’s side body line is an LED strip called the Intention Indicator that shines white to let people know the car is aware of them and an outward-facing display can also flash messages like “after you” to pedestrians for better communication.

Today’s latest automotive technology is built into the IDS Concept to improve range and reduce weight, including the use of a large 60kWh battery, a full carbon-fiber body, excellent aerodynamics and low rolling-resistance tires. These technologies all come together to allow the Nissan IDS Concept to be able to drive longer distances between charges.

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